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Rarely has a writer and thinker of the stature of Ayn Rand afforded us access to her most intimate thoughts and feelings. From Journals of Ayn Rand,
we gain an invaluable new understanding and appreciation of the woman,
the artist, and the philosopher, and of the enduring legacy she has left
us.Rand comes vibrantly to life as an untried screenwriter in
Hollywood, creating stories that reflect her youthful vision of the
world. We see her painful memories of communist Russia and her struggles
to convey them in We the Living. Most fascinating is the
intricate, step-by-step process through which she created the plots and
characters of her two masterworks, The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged,
and the years of painstaking research that imbued the novels with their
powerful authenticity. Complete with reflections on her legendary
screenplay concerning the making of the atomic bomb and tantalizing
descriptions of projects cut short by her death, Journals of Ayn Rand illuminates the mind and heart of an extraordinary woman as no biography or memoir ever could. On these vivid pages, Ayn Rand lives.


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