The Foundations of Modern Political Thought: Volume 2, the Age of Reformation - Quentin Skinner




A two-volume study of political thought from the late thirteenth to the
end of the sixteenth century, the decisive period of transition from
medieval to modern political theory. The work is intended to be both an
introduction to the period for students, and a presentation and
justification of a particular approach to the interpretation of
historical texts. Quentin Skinner gives an outline account of all the
principal texts of the period, discussing in turn the chief political
writings of Dante, Marsiglio, Bartolus, Machiavelli, Erasmus and more,
Luther and Calvin, Bodin and the Calvinist revolutionaries. But he also
examines a very large number of lesser writers in order to explain the
general social and intellectual context in which these leading theorists
worked. He thus presents the history not as a procession of 'classic
texts' but are more readily intelligible. He traces by this means the
gradual emergence of the vocabulary of modern political thought, and in
particular the crucial concept of the State. We are given an insight
into the actual processes of the formation of ideologies and into some
of the linkages between political theory and practice. Professor Skinner
has been awarded the Balzan Prize Life Time Achievement Award for
Political Thought, History and Theory. 

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ISBN :  9780511817892

Language : English

Formats : epub ,
mobi , PDF



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