Fun and Fundamental Math for Young Children - Marian Small




Educators of young children who don’t yet know the work of Marian
Small are in for a gift—a treasure trove to enhance their teaching and
thinking about math. This book focuses on the most important concepts
and skills needed to provide early learners (preK–2) with a strong
foundation in mathematics, in ways that are fun for both children and
educators! For each mathematical concept, professional developer Marian
Small provides sample activities and lessons, as well as guidance for
using children’s books, games, manipulatives, and electronic devices.
This resource also demonstrates how to differentiate instruction using
tasks and questions designed to include all students. Like other Marian
Small bestsellers, the text features her special brand of lucid
explanation of difficult concepts, fresh and engaging teaching examples,
troubleshooting tips, and formative assessments. Fun and Fundamental Math for Young Children
is separated into special grade level sections for pre-K, kindergarten,
first grade, and second grade. It can be used with any early childhood
curriculum or as a stand-alone program in preschools.

Marian Small is available for in-person and online professional development.

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ISBN :  9780807776964

Language : English

Formats : epub ,
mobi , PDF



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