Brauer Groups and Obstruction Problems: Moduli Spaces and Arithmetic (Progress in Mathematics) - Asher Auel




The contributions in this book explore various contexts in which the
derived category of coherent sheaves on a variety determines some of its
arithmetic. This setting provides new geometric tools for interpreting
elements of the Brauer group. With a view towards future arithmetic
applications, the book extends a number of powerful tools for analyzing
rational points on elliptic curves, e.g., isogenies among curves,
torsion points, modular curves, and the resulting descent techniques, as
well as higher-dimensional varieties like K3 surfaces. Inspired by the
rapid recent advances in our understanding of K3 surfaces, the book is
intended to foster cross-pollination between the fields of complex
algebraic geometry and number theory.


  • · Nicolas Addington
  • · Benjamin Antieau
  • · Kenneth Ascher
  • · Asher Auel
  • · Fedor Bogomolov
  • · Jean-Louis Colliot-Thélène
  • · Krishna Dasaratha
  • · Brendan Hassett
  • · Colin Ingalls
  • · Martí Lahoz
  • · Emanuele Macrì
  • · Kelly McKinnie
  • · Andrew Obus
  • · Ekin Ozman
  • · Raman Parimala
  • · Alexander Perry
  • · Alena Pirutka
  • · Justin Sawon
  • · Alexei N. Skorobogatov
  • · Paolo Stellari
  • · Sho Tanimoto
  • · Hugh Thomas
  • · Yuri Tschinkel
  • · Anthony Várilly-Alvarado
  • · Bianca Viray
  • · Rong Zhou

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Language : English

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