Penny Portrait Kit


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A fun-filled activity where you create your own priceless work of art.

(Technically not priceless, but worth at least $8.46.)
  • Create a portrait of Abe Lincoln out of your own pennies
  • 18" x 24" poster printed on sturdy 100 cover cardstock
  • Booklet with info about Lincoln, coin collecting & optical illusions
  • Contains chemistry experiments you can do with pennies
  • Assembly tips & tricks handout
  • 1943 Steel Penny included with each kit!

Additional details can be found here:

Over 8,000 sold!

This is the cheapest price you will find on this product anywhere.  (I'm the creator and a big fan of decentralized marketplaces and crypto currencies!)  I charge 30% more if buying through Amazon and you will also get a free 1943 Steel Cent if you buy through Open Bazaar/Haven!


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If it doesn't work out for any reason, drop me a line at and we'll take care of ya. I want everyone to have a fantastic fun-filled experience.

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