Furious Forces - Magic: the Gathering, Dragons of Tarkir Intro pack




Sealed intro pack for the Magic: the Gathering (mtg) collectable card game (CCG/TCG). This pack includes a foil promo card, a pre-constructed Green/Red deck, and two sealed 15-card boosters from the Dragons of Tarkir expansion set.

The Dragons of Tarkir expansion brought a lot of Dragon flavor to the MTG game, focusing on five elder dragons, which each represent a pair of colors in the MTG game. A great set to dive into for living out these massive dragon battles between the five broods!

The pre-constructed deck consists of:

1 Evolving Wilds
12 Forest
12 Mountain
2 Atarka Beastbreaker
2 Glade Watcher
1 Dragonlord's Servant
2 Colossodon Yearling
2 Hardened Berserker
2 Sabertooth Outrider
1 Summit Prowler
2 Lurking Arynx
2 Stampeding Elk Herd
1 Harbinger of the Hunt
1 Scion of Ugin
2 Savage Ventmaw
1 Dragonloft Idol
1 Tread Upon
1 Draconic Roar
2 Tail Slash
1 Press the Advantage
2 Sarkhan's Rage
1 Epic Confrontation
1 Dragon Fodder
1 Magmatic Chasm
1 Roast
1 Seismic Rupture
1 Berserkers' Onslaught
1 Atarka Monument




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