5x fresh berries, Psychotria carthagenensis / alba, Amyruca Ayahuasca Chacruna, seeds fruits




This is a listing for 5x fresh Psychotria carthagenensis berries, each containing 2 seeds inside.

Berries are super fresh, harvested just before shipping, and still have their flesh layer. You have to scrape the protective flesh to find the seeds. Seeds are sticked to each other, you should separate them and rinse before sowing.

Berries are handpicked only when fully mature. They come directly from Pandora's organic garden, where we use no pesticides and only feed organic fertilizers.

Standard shipping does not include tracking. For guaranteed delivery please select expedited shipping. Delivery may take up to a month on countries with slow customs.

Berries are sent in a plain envelope and may get smashed by postal services. That's not problem, you would have to remove all the flesh anyway. The seeds inside are hardy and always remain intact. If you want to receive intact berries please select expedited shipping. It includes the cost of a bubble bag.

Psychotria carthagensis, sometimes erroneously dubbed as Psychotria alba, is commonly known as Amyruca. It is a bush from the coffee family (Rubiaceae), originally grows in the wet tropics, from South America to Mexico. It can reach a height of 5m with a spread of 2m. Amyruca leaves are used as substitute for Psychotria viridis (Chacruna) in Ayahuasca brews.





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