I Will Setup and Launch Your Own Affiliate Program >>>One Year Access




Let me Create, Setup and Launch Your Own Affiliate Program for your Website Via the 4BC Affiliate Network.

This is for the One Year Network Access Package with no Banner creation. (check my other services for the Forever Network Access Package + Creation of 7 static Banners.) or visit https://affiliate.4bc.co (PayPal also available there)

PLEASE NOTE: ***MANDATORY*** (to start the program) an additional $100 Deposit in your Merchant account is needed (Paypal or Bitcoin) this will be to pay your affiliates. Remember, for sale commission; you don't pay anything until you make money.

Benefits of Starting Your Own Affiliate Program!

• Increase your sales and revenues.

• Automated advertising campaign working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

• Get Thousands of people promoting your products and services.

• No more buying advertising that doesn't work.

• Better search engine placement with all the sites linking to yours.

• Unlimited growth potential.

Program Features

• Merchant Dashboard

• Merchant commission types (Impression, Click, Lead and Sale)

• Merchant Recurring Sale Commission

• Merchant promoting with Text ad, HTML, Banner ad, Popup and Flash

• Affiliate Dashboard with all the tools needed to promote your store products and services.

• Affiliate terms and conditions

• Affiliate payment with PayPal or Bitcoin

• Click and commission tracking in real-time

Why Choose Me and What you get?

• 20 Years Experienced as an Affiliate Marketer

• The Program will Work for any type of websites (not just for WordPress)

• Fast Communication (English and French)

• 100% Satisfaction 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

Give me the word…let's get started.


What is the limit of Affiliates that can register to my Affiliate Program?

- There is No limit.

Will there be transaction fee for my affiliate program?

- No, we are the only platform with 0% Sale's Total, 0% of affiliate payouts, 0% of commission. Only $100 per year access fee or One time $300 access fee Forever Access Network.



30 Days Money Back Guarantee


Affiliate Marketing



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